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tv   Right This Minute  KICU  May 23, 2012 3:00pm-3:30pm PDT

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>> hi, everybody. i'm beth troutman. we found some great videos for you. let's get started "right this minute." >> one guy is jumped by three dudes who take turns beating and -- >> just stomping on the guy's head. >> why did this even begin? >> turns out there is a twist to who started it. a race car driver loses control but -- what almost killed him may surprise you. >> see what knocked the driver unconscious and why rescuers couldn't get him out. the family pet is out on the family boat. >> having a good, old, jolly time. >> not for long. >> why. >> old tess might go -- the arm wresting video to
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make you go -- >> ouch, ouch, ouch. >> pretty clear why when you see and here it. >> i don't even want to look at it. steven is starting things off for us today with our first video and the story behind it. >> an altercation on the street in san diego got really scary really fast. we found this video on youtube after a recent padres and dodgers game. you see a man shirtless wearing what looks like trunks or maybe his underwear getting into it with a group of three guys. these three men are trying to walk away. things take an ugly turn. >> the man in the shorts persists and eventually is flat-out jumped by these three guys in the middle of the street, three on one. they are kicking him. oh, my gosh. >> just stomping on the guy's head. tough images to see. eventually, a cab pulse up. people start yelling stop, stop. >> stop, stop. >> these three guys leave the
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shirtless guy in shorts in the middle of the road and they take off z why did this even begin? >> "right this minute" spoke to the san diego police department. first things first, the guy is okay. he came forward to the police, told them what happened, was taken to the hospital that night, treated for minor injuries and was released. police told us that the man in the shorts did initiate the fight. that is, of course, against the law. the man said he did not know these other three men. the man in the shorts also told police that he suffers from a medical condition that was intensified by alcohol. the police told us that, hey, at first these three guys were defending themselves and after they got this guy down and he was defenseless, if they would have taken off, there wouldn't have been any problem. the fact that they continually stomp and kick this guy as he is down, they are facing felony battery charges. >> i am glad the taxi stopped and people chased them off. >> police say they don't believe this had anything to do with the baseball game despite the fact
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one of these three suspects is wearing a padres number 25 jersey. police are asking public for help in identifying these three guys. the man who initiating the fight, the man in the shorts, it is now looking like he won't be facing any charges. an amateur race car driver took his car on a track day in south finland u.s. can hear him kind of struggling with the car a bit. >> i have no brakes. >> at one point, he even claims that he smelled some gas coming into the car. >> this is my last lap. >> he does get into some trouble and what almost kills him may surprise you. luckily, he doesn't hit the wall. nobody else hits him and he recovers the car and gets it
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going again. he soons pulls off to the side. >> i was really scared, actually. >> are the gas fumes getting to him and he suddenly is losing oxygen to his brain and he is not functioning properly? >> very intuitive, beth. he pulse off the side of the track. he leaves the car running. he is unconscious for about 11 minutes as the emergency workers try to figure out what to do. >> they can't open the doors or bust a window? >> the doors are locked. they do break the window. when they rescue him, they say he has blood and about 67% carbon monoxide. that's why he was having such a hard time driving the car, why he began to lose concentration and slide off the road. he nearly died. >> it is amazing how quickly that carbon monoxide impaired him. it was sos fa the. >> total surprise. i am thinking when does this guy wreck, when does he lose control
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and crash into something. totally >> imagine your spouse is having a hard time breathing. they are turning blue. you call 911. what you don't expect to hear on the other line is silence, then snoring. that's what happened to a woman in montgomery county in the washington, d.c. area. >> fire and ambulance. >> hello. >> hello. >> in this 911 call obtained by nbc 4, you hear a woman call 911. the calltaker transfers her to a dispatcher and then she hears silence and then this. >> hold on one second, ma'am, let me try and get them on the line again. >> the calltaker realizes the dispatcher is not there and gets someone else on the line. >> is that him i hear doing the snoring noises? >> she thinks he is talking about her husband but what he heard was the first dispatcher snoring. >> so this woman has somebody in her home who is turning blue.
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she is calling 911 and there is a snoring dispatcher on the other line. >> yes, there is. according to the fire department, this dispatcher was in the 17th hour of a 24-hour overtime shift. nbc 4 counted more than a dozen snores in this phone call. finally, about four minutes into the call, the original dispatcher woke up. >> ma'am, what's the address? >> this is fire. i'm on the phone. >> why is somebody in a position to work people in need working a 24-hour shift. that doesn't seem safe to begin with. >> the employee was immediately removed from the floor by the supervisor that night and placed on administrative leave with pay. >> they say the patient was transported to the hospital but didn't have any adverse effects from the 911 call. this video is in lake norman, north carolina. i believe, beth, this is your hood. >> this is my hood. i used to live at lake norman. >> a family got on their boat
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and hit the water and brought along their little doggy, tess. >> tess is rather close to the back of the boat. >> having a good, old, jolly time running from one side to the other, to the other, to the other. >> somebody stop that dog. >> she is too close to the edge for me. >> hope they don't hit the brakes, because old tess might go -- over board. >> she was so excited, all of the sudden, in that corner, loses balance a little bit and next thing you know -- >> oh! >> tess falls in the water behind the boat. right where he fell, there are propellers under there. >> there are boats coming. is tess okay? >> the family immediately knows that they have to turn around. >> the little girl is crying because the dog fell in the water. >> as you can see in the middle of your screen, little tess is swimming back to the boat. >> doggy bpaddling in the middl
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of this lake. how amazing that tess knew which boat was the right boat. >> we did contact the poster of this video and asked him if his daughter ever forgave him for the fact that little tess fell off. she did. once she got back on the boat, she realized he was safe, she forgave dad. >> interesting. tess doesn't look any worse for the wear, like what's the big deal? shakes it off. ♪ the hit song is now, what else, business cards. >> this is worse than a bad pick-up line. >> this makes me want to vomit in my own hand. >> see another thing that makes me vomit. and, when it is time to get rid of the old shoes, rehone them. >> what is the term reh
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if you are anything like beth trout man or i, for the
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last three or four weeks you have been walking around nonstop with the hit song, call me maybe, in your head. >> yes. ♪ >> call me maybe. >> nick and i are not like either one of you. >> call me maybe hysteria has launched itself all over the internet. one of the most popular videos online. the harvard baseball team just came out weeks ago has 9 million views of these guys doing their only rendition of carly ray jetson's song, "call me maybe." the latest it ter racial is this. call me maybe business cards. i came across this article on jezebel. people are making these cards that say the lyrics from carly ray jetson's song. call me maybe. hey. i just met you and this is crazy but here is my number, nick calderon, bla, bla, bla, bla, bla, so call me maybe.
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>> this is rse than bad line. >>his makes me want to vomit in my open hand, actually. >> i think it is awesome. >> i love the song. i think this is weird. if somebody came up to me and went, you know what, come up with your own idea. >> this is why this will turn a woman off. everybody knows you have to buy business cards in volume. he is passing this out to every girl thinking 1 out of 500 is going to call. >> they call that the shotgun approach, gail. >> if somebody handed you the call me maybe business card, would you maybe call them? >> no. i am going to need you guys to close your eyes for this one. what instruments do you think were used to create this score? >> rubber bands from whole foods. >> dried grass.
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>> maybe a zipper. >> open your eyes. this is what the instrument is. >> i've made some sweet music with those too. >> if you are going to score, you definitely should use this instrument. >> i was going to guess balloons and that's kind of close. i thought these things had one use. >> to see what this very unconventional instrument does, head over to our website, rightth i am going to take you to russia. >> it has been a while. >> notice some cyclers into view. >> is that a delivery truck? >> no. it is an ambulance. >> if you are going to get hit by something, might as well be an ambulance. >> he got grazed by the ambulance. keep watching the ambulance in the background. it goes off course and hits a poll. >> why was it going so fast? maybe it was going to rescue somebody. >> according to the poster of the video, the ambulance was headed towards a car, not
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speeding away from a car. >> this looks like a round-about. >> everyone has trouble in round-abouts. or maybe it is just that ambulances in russia cause trouble. i also found this video. this delivery truck stops to let the ambulance stop. >> she almost went in the door. >> she just looks like it and keeps walking. she has her grocery bag, keeps crossing the street, not at a crosswalk, mind you. >> in this case, skillful driving from the ambulance driver. the last one, ambulance driver's fault. >> how do you not acknowledge that? >> she should deliver to the window of the driver's side and say, thank you so much for not squishing me like a bug. >> the answer, nick, the answer is russia. that's the answer. what happens in vegas stays in vegas? right. well, not for this guy when he does this. he is throwing quite a few
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things out of the u-haul truck. >> what's going on here? >> is this his stuff? >> we'll explain this one next. and, this lion ain't having it with one zoo visitor. so they are facing off. >> this guy is challenging me. he thinks he is month are lion than i am. >> he is mad. >> tough guy versus the lion. "right this minute."
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if you are like me, you own several pairs of shoes and eventually, you have a few pairs you need to get rid of or rehone, if you will. >> you have got to make room in the closet for the new ones. >> i like the term rehoned. it is so nice. >> i said rehoned, because there is a new company called shoe box recycling that will take your old pairs of shoes and essentially rehone them. take a look. to tell us a little bit more about this is to explain exactly how this works, we have the director of shoe box recycling, lisa pomerantz via skype "right this minute." >> tell us what happens after you get my favorite pair of shoes i don't wear anymore. >> we find and locate the right place around the globe anywhere where they need affordle oes.
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thn, there are clean the shoes, display the shoes. before you know it, we are fueling a local economy because of the shoes that you chose to recycle rather than put in the landfill. >> you are not donating, the shoes, correct? you are selling them? >> that's correct. we really believe we can do well and do good at the same time. we are able to pay schools, nonprofit organizations for their collection of the shoes so that they can fund the causes and the things that mean so much to them. >> do you want like high heels or durable work shoes? >> we want them all, men shoes, any athletic shoes, any women's shoes, as long as it is wearable. write something down that was important about that pair of shoes. put that note much like the message in the bottle and send it over and cross your fingers and hope that you will find your soulmate. >> explain from finding your soul mate is. >> from here, we will know where that box goes, on its way to
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guatemala, to sierra leone. the note has the ability to tell the end user to hey, find a browser and put in this link. once they do that, we will say, hey, we found your solemate and we can connect you. we have humanized the process of recycling. i've heard of people losing their shirts in vegas but this takes the cake. >> that is a u-haul on the vegas strip. do you see what he is doing, guys? >> he is clearing stuff out of a u-haul truck. >> he is throwing quite a few things out of a u haul truck. >> is this his stuff? >> this is his stuff but listen. he threw a bag of money and some chairs and table. according to the las vegas metropolitan police, this driver was agitated because he was down on his luck. >> was he going to leave his stuff there and walks into the desert and disappear. >> i don't know what he was planning to do but what he did
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after this was get arrested for resisting arrest. this is quite possibly the dumbest response i have ever seen to someone losing money in vegas. >> why would you take the time to move to throw it all in the middle of the street? >> all they said was this man was down on his luck. this is how he got his frustrations out. >> if i was him, i would feel pretty lucky i had all this stuff. >> he has five different kinds of chairs in that pile. >> they look like nice chairs. he could have resold them for some cash. you only need one chair if it is just you. this guy looking like that standing in front of the sign, he just wants a ride. the story behind the video on rate this mint. ready, set, arm wrestle. >> what was that sound? >> i think you can venture a
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you have never seen a time-lapsed video like this before. this is zurich, switzerland where a 123-year-old building was in the way. they were getting ready to put some new train tracks in. instead of demolishing the building, this he decided to move the building. this is a 5200-ton, former factory. they used two hydraulic
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pressers, 500 rollers and six sections of train tracks to essentially push it about 180 feet out of the way. >> why take the time to do this? >> the current owner was going to knock it down. the people in zurich realized it had some historical significance. the citizens decided, let's ban together and keep this building in our city. >> looks like the building is just, you know, chugging it ang lo. >> that's a mobile home. >> that is a mobile home. >> thanks, guys. i know you guys have just been dying to see some highlights from the birmingham body power expo 2012. i want to point out, this is not an audition for the second version of the 1987 hit hogan's hauf. looks like these guys are about the same size. th are ofat>> i think you can p venture a guess what that sound
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was, nick. let's play it again. >> good grief. that's disgusting. >> broken in half. >> i don't want to look at it. >> this was posted on youtube by this guy's wife, diane wilson. she said he broke his humorous, which is not humerus in the least. they will do another x-ray to see if he has to have it pinned. ouch, ouch, ouch. >> if you are the dude on the other side, do you feel like the hulk? >> i don't think he felt like the hulk. >> he steps back. >> he needs to drink some milk. this is a video from the denver zoo. i want to point out this visitor, very close to the lion enclosure right up against the lion. the lion on the other side of the glass isn't liking it. he is not amused. >> they are having like a face-off. >> yeah.
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he is not happy. maybe he saw this guy and he saw his big, you know, luscious lionlike mane, i think. he was thinking, this guy is challenging me. he thinks he is more lion than i am. >> if i saw a lion do that, i would fall over. i would fall over and curl up in a ball. what if those glasses, the one day where at the factory, they had bad glass. >> he is just right up against the glass, challenging the lion. >> the lion is snarling at this dude. >> this lion is just a big pussy cat. >> he is mad. >> this guy is feeling off tough because of the glass. the glass disappears? >> i think a zoo worker should have came over and said, look, buddy, move it along here, you are not here to stress out our animals. >> he is just egging this -- taunting the animal on.
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>> i am not going to say i wouldn't do anything different. usually, when i have gone to the zoo, the lions aren't interested in looking at anybody. they don't come to the glass and come and interact with you. this is kind of special. >> sadly, that's the end of our show. we are so glad you joined us. we will see you next time, everybody!
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